Impact on Environment


While solving the problem of traffic congestion in this land constrained country, Singapore, one must not neglect the importance of sustaining our environment in Singapore as well. Singapore's environement is constantly affected with urbanisation, a process Singapore can no longer avoid since Independence. It's lush bushes and greenery that was once vastly present at almost every corner of the island are replaced with high-rise buildings, industrial estates and roads. As such, ensuring that Singapore's environment and its standards are not compromised while ensuring smooth transport in Singapore poses strong challenges as well.


In the process of expanding our networks and easing traffic congestion, the construction work involved during the whole process of building MRT stations and roads would affect our environment, indirectly or directly.


For one, it might replace the greenery and nature that was originally on that plot of land. MRT stations, although underground, require space above ground as well to place their stations. As such, during this process, patches of greenery may be unintentionally removed.


Indirectly, the plumes and chemicals released during construction work play a part in destroying our environment as well. Gases such as sulfur dioxide are harmful to us and may cause diseases such as bronchitis and asthma. Thus, it is important not to compromise the environmental health of Singapore just for more MRT stations or transport systems.


Noise levels would almost certainly increase during the construction process, leading to disruption and interference of the people's daily life and quality of life, especially those living near to construction sites.


Corresponding with the increase of traffic roads, the number of cars on roads would increase as well. Ultimately, this would give rise to more air pollution in Singapore, with the release of harmful gases such as nitrogen oxide from the exhaust pipes of cars more rampant. Thus, the air quality in Singapore would drop as well.