Park-and-Ride Scheme

Park-and-Ride Scheme

Watch this video which shows the Save the Park and Ride Campaign (SPARK) in North Swindon, Britain. Although it is not in Singapore, the advantages have been substantially elaborated in the video.

5.jpgAims and Introduction

The Park-and-Ride Scheme (PRS) was implemented together with the Area Licensing Scheme, to control traffic into the CBD. Motorists were encouraged to park their vehicles at certain car parks outside the CBD, from which public transport was provided for them to enter the city area. This equated to fewer vehicles entering the city.
Detailed Description
This scheme, despite its evidently unsuccessfulness, is still being retained till this day. Now, motorists are saved the hassle to go down to specific locations to purchase their tickets, but are able to order them online.

Effectiveness and Results6.gif

Unfortunately, it was not at all effective; out of the 7700 parking lots created, only 585 were taken up, which is a mere 7.6% of all resources. The public merely had to make the switch to a regular bus service or drive into the CBD before the operating time of 7.30am, with the mentality that parking cars outside the city was not worth it.
This resulted in a wastage of resources; both in capital which was used to build the car parks as well as in land which was set aside for this. In fact, shuttle bus services for this scheme were unable to survive since there were simply too few passengers.
Principles of Governance and their Applications in PRS
Anticipating Change and Staying Relevant
  • The government had cleverly identified the phenomenon that there was high traffic volume into the Central Business District, and that it would readily increase as the industrial restructuring took place. To solve this problem before it was aggravated, the government put a stop to this by implementing the ALS to deter motorists from driving into the Restricted Zone, such as to alleviate the traffic. This was indeed anticipating the change and staying competitive!

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(Left) Park and Ride Scheme poster to raise awareness of the scheme

(Right) A road sign to point towards a Park and Ride car park